Proper siding & insulation can benefit your home in many ways, not just visually. Below are some examples of benefits you may not have thought of:

  • Tax Credits – Yep! You can save yourself some money. It pays dividends to do some research and see what tax credits may apply during your next home improvement project.
  • Going Green – Gas & electricity are expensive! The right choice of siding and/or insulation can greatly reduce and control these costs.
  • Health – The probability of having mold, rot and mildew is high when excess moisture is allowed into your home. These issues will ultimately compromise the structure of your home.  Proper installation of siding/insulation can save you a ton of money!
  • Peace & Quiet – Live near a highway or train tracks? With proper installation, the right choice of siding/insulation can dramatically reduce external noise, leading to relaxation and better sleep!
  • Money!!!–Increase your property value at the same time as protecting your investment and family!

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